Segítség nyújtó kezek

Did you know, that

  • abuse is not only restricted to mean physical violence in the eyes of the law?
  • relationship violence starts with controlling behaviour?
  • in addition to sexual exploitation (prostitution), labour exploitation (modern day slavery) is also punishable by law?
  • domestic abuse victims are in most cases women, but it can also happen to children, parents, men, grandchildren or grandparents?


Is there help available?

Switch on right away

  • if you notice that there is a problem in your community or around you!
  • if you feel isolated or if you are regularly having to account for your whereabouts, spending or activities!
  • if you are being harassed, hurt or threatened!
  • if you are being held against your will or blackmailed!
  • if you are forced into prostitution or slave labour!

because help is at hand!

The Crisis Management System

The primary tasks of the institutions within the crisis management network include the immediate admission of victims in acute crisis caused by violence and working towards the elimination of the threat in victims’ lives. The Crisis Centres and Secret Safe Shelters promote the resolution of the crisis caused by violence by providing needs based, complex and comprehensive care, which includes:
  • immediate admission in the event of an acute crisis due to domestic violence
  • providing for the physical needs of the families in the temporary homes (food, toiletries, cleaning products, access to health care, accommodation)
  • providing professional assistance (lawyer, psychological or mental health counsellor, social worker)
  • providing help via social work by representing the interests of the victims of violence, family care and co-operating with the members of the referral system and other relevant organizations.
  • making preparations to end the need for crisis care, looking for safe housing options for the victims.

Temporary Refuges

This type of accommodation was created and is maintained specifically for victims of human trafficking with the purpose of providing complex, comprehensive assistance in rehabilitation and reintegration to severely traumatized, exploited victims with the help of specialists (lawyers, psychological or mental health counsellors, social workers).

Halfway-House System

The aim of the half-way house system is to provide assistance in long-term social reintegration to those who have been forced to leave their homes due to domestic violence, but have already made significant progress in settling their own lives. This form of ”after-crisis” care can be used for a maximum of 5 years by victims who meet certain conditions, such as working towards long-term goals and participating in a savings scheme.

Crisis clinics

Crisis clinics are services where professionals working within the area of domestic violence provide help for victims of domestic violence, their family members and the professionals who come into contact with them with the aim of preventing acute crisis situations from happening.

The main activities of the crisis clinic are:

  • providing information during pre-booked face-to-face meetings at the crisis clinic or by phone or e-mail (even anonymously)
  • providing information on available support services
  • providing advice as well as legal and psychological counselling.

Services available to professionals in crisis clinics:

  • information on dealing with cases of domestic violence
  • consultation about specific cases
  • organization of case discussions and case conferences
  • opportunities to exchanges experiences with professionals at local and regional level
  • professional forums, lectures, workshops for helping professionals and referral system members
  • prevention talks for schools and workplaces.

There are currently 9 regional crisis clinics across the country, see contact details below:

Interchurch Aid Békéscsaba
+36 30 305 0664;

Interchurch Aid
+36 70 504 3152 / +36 70 525 0536;

Hungarian Red Cross Devecser
+36 70 933 8060;

”Borostyánvirág” Foundation Kaposvár
+36 82 812 476;

Interchurch Aid Miskolc
+36 30 309 1552;

”Pápai Sarokkő” Baptista Church Mosonmagyaróvár
+36 70 598 1101;

Interchurch Aid Orosháza
+36 30 781 7951;

Interchurch Aid Szeged
+36 30 781 7951;

Interchurch Aid Szolnok
+3630 305 2919;