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For victims of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is still a very topical issue today and is considered to be one of the most serious types of crime.  In these cases, traffickers, through abusing their power, position and strength, are able to force the victims to engage in actions that, in addition to sometimes being considered a crime, leave the victims completely vulnerable and feeling helpless. Such acts may include prostitution or other sexual acts, labour exploitation, servitude, coerced domestic labour and loan-shark traps. This can happen locally or abroad, in an organised manner and often using deception. Due to the nature of the problem, escaping these situations is extremely difficult, but there is a solution, there is help available.


Be safe from human trafficking

Sexual exploitation

If strange men come to up us with great job offers abroad, it is very important to be careful! While such promises are very attractive, there are countless cases when people who are taken abroad in this way, who do not speak languages, are later deprived of their documents, restricted in their freedom and forced into prostitution or modern day slavery! Don’t fall for charming strangers and their offers!
Szexuális kizsákmányolás „Odajött hozzám egy idegen férfi. Tök jó fej volt, azt mondta tudna egy külföldi munkát, nem baj, hogy nem beszélek idegen nyelveket…”
Love is a very important part of human life and it is very good to feel that we are important to someone, but don’t let yourself be fooled! If someone makes demands in return for their love, or wants to force us into a situation we don't want to be in, it’s not love! This example is about the common practice of people to faking love to gain control of other people, with the aim of forcing them into prostitution.
Szexuális kizsákmányolás „Kedves volt, figyelmes, beleszerettem. Azt mondta, tud nekem jó munkát. Másnap az utcán álltam. „
We are not objects, our bodies are not playthings and are not for others to possess. If someone says they love us, but in return they want others to be able to approach us sexually, it doesn’t mean they think we’re an adult or attractive, but that they’re are exploiting us sexually. Our body is not an object, never agree to anything like this under any circumstances, no matter how much the other tries to prove that it is not a big deal.
Szexuális kizsákmányolás „Márk azt mondta, hogy szeret, és ha 18 éves leszek, feleségül vesz. Annyit kért csak, legyek kedves egy-két ismerősével.”
Just to do as he says and be nice to whoever he says. Unfortunately, translated into ordinary language this means, that I can only do what he says and serve the sexual needs of others. This is not a romantic relationship, but this is actually sexual exploitation. With this sentence, the “boyfriend” states that he will give everything if the other person is willing to prostitute themselves, who he will “pimp”.
Szexuális kizsákmányolás „Azt mondta a barátom, ne menjek vissza az intézetbe, ő elbújtat, megad nekem mindent, csak legyek szófogadó és kedves azzal, akivel ő azt mondja.”